Dates: October 22-27th

This year, CKI members will have a chance to participate in CKI Week on October 22-27, 2018. It’s our week to shine a light on CKI, our preferred charities and the great work we are doing in our home towns.

By participating in CKI Week, clubs will have the opportunity to highlight the impact we make in our communities through CKI’s three tenants: Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. In all, more than 13,000 college students will participate. CKI Week is an marketable event that clubs can get excited about. Channel CKI Week to help your club earn publicity, build awareness, and recruit new members! In

the Kiwanis family, CKI members perform the most community service hours per member and CKI Week is a chance to highlight this on college campuses and college communities around the world.

Fellowship: October 22 & 25

To promote fellowship during CKI week, put an emphasis on building meaningful and lasting relationships through fun activities. Whether it is with other members of your club, local SLP branches, or friends from somewhere else in your district, be sure to make a genuine connection with someone else in the Kiwanis Family! So team up for a service project, organize an interclub social, or just spend time with friends to celebrate fellowship through CKI!

Leadership: October 23 & 26

People always talk about the value of a servant leader. Well, these days are designed for you to show off how you lead! Collaborate with others, reach out to local Kiwanians, and focus on your personal leadership journey through CKI. Understand that no two members will have the exact same experiences in leadership – accept and embrace those differences to grow and lead together.

Service: October 24 & 27

Whether it is packaging food, building playgrounds, or working with animals, each of ushas a service project that we love. CKI has a diverse group of partnerships that work to address a wide variety of issues. During these days, we challenge you to collaborate with our partnerships so we can continue to be catalysts within our communities. The projects ideas are divided up by partnerships so start planning now and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Click here for a Service Guide to CKI Week!