What is Service?

What is service to you? Is it picking up debris on the side of a local road? Is it creating birdhouses for a local Senior Home? Maybe even dancing for long period(s) of time for a specific charity or research organization? Service comes in various shapes,  forms, and sizes. Whether it is a large-scale event with your Kiwanis Family members or a small service project that you plan to do with your home club. Service is a wholesome experience that enables each member to execute their meaning of charity for a specific duration of time. Through charity, various service events (as well as philanthropy events) then generate an impact on all scales of change. Service is your way of spreading what CKI means to you! Why not start now?

– The Florida CKI 2020 Service Guide –

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How can you get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved. The list is endless! In addition to our various home club service projects, opportunities for service can then be done with your Kiwanis Family Branches, local nonprofits, as well as our Kiwanis Family service partners? Do you know them? Fear not! HERE is where they are located. Chose a service partner that you and your club are interested in collaborating with and create meaningful service project(s) or large-scale event in which can promote not only the project but also CKI as a whole!

If you have any questions, please contact our Service Chair, Robin Fintz, at