Thank you to all of our past District Governors of the Florida District! We would not be where we are today without all of your leadership!

2017-2018 Phoebe Sartori of New College of Florida

2016-2017 Jackie Aranibar of Florida State University

2015-2016 Jessica Cook of University of South Florida-Tampa

2014-2015 Michelle Ocampo of University of Central Florida

2013-2014 Victor Roa of University of South Florida – Tampa

2012-2013 Sara Fruithandler of University of Florida

2011-2012 Carly Henry of University of South Florida – Tampa

2010-2011 Timothy Wolfinger of University of Central Florida – Orlando

2009-2010 Krystal Weaver of University of South Florida – Tampa

2008-2009 Kadie Hayward of University of Tampa – Tampa

2007-2008 Alex Garner of Manatee Community College

2006-2007 Jennilyn Thiboult of University of Florida

2004-2006 Vickie Jones of University of South Florida – Tampa

2003-2004 John Sullivan of University of Florida

2002-2003 Tim Balasko of Florida Atlantic University

2001-2002 Maggie Gunther of University of Central Florida

2000-2001 Jeremy Riehl of University of Central Florida

1999-2000 Jonathan Hethcox of Flagler College

1998-1999 Donna B. Gunyan of University of South Florida

1997-1998 Rob Brisson of University of Central Florida

1996-1997 Nestor J. Rivera of University of Miami

1995-1996 Sheryl D. Klein of University of Florida

1994-1995 Dan Frenden of Saint Leo College

1993-1994 Brenda A. Hiller of University of South Florida

1992-1933 Anna L. Rodriguez of University of Miami

1991-1992 Nancie A. Hopkins of Florida State University

1990-1991 David R. P. Lobo of Saint Thomas University

1989-1990 Dawn M. Smith of University of Central Florida

1988-1989 David M. Schmitt of University of Central Florida

1987-1988 Russ Snyder of University of Central Florida

1986-1987 Joseph Kolacinski of Palm Beach Junior College

1985-1986 Debbie Allen of University of Florida

1984-1985 P. Michael Villalobos of Florida State University

1983-1984 J. Duane Craggs of Central Florida Community College

1982-1983 Jeff Amma of Florida Atlantic University

1981-1982 Debra L. Schmitt of Florida State University

1980-1981 Kenneth P. Burke of University of South Florida

1979-1980 Cecilia Reese of Florida Atlantic University

1978-1979 Michael D. Wilder of Florida Atlantic University

1977-1978 Ansley Hall III of University of Florida

1976-1977 Walter W. Wilt of Edison Community College

1975-1976 Don Eric Foster of Stetson University

1974-1975 James Shawn May of Florida Atlantic University

1973-1974 William J. Sharpe of St. Petersburg Junior College

1972-1973 Lloyd F. Rhodes of University of South Florida

1971-1972 Charles F. Eason of Saint Leo College

1970-1971 David J. Mellow of Florida Atlantic University

1969-1970 Paul Michael Dobbs of Saint Leo College

1968-1969 John S. Rhodes of University of South Florida

1967-1968 Kenneth J. Nemeth of Florida State University

1966-1967 George H. Meier of Florida Atlantic University

1965-1966 Paul Berger of Miami-Dade Community College

1964-1965 Walter E. Deese of Florida State University

1963-1964 Robert N. Lee of University of Florida

1962-1963 James Deegan of University of South Florida

1962 Robert Griffin of Gulf Coast Community College

1961-1962 Percy Bell of Brevard Community College

1961 Rendell Clark of Chipola Junior College

1960-1961 Bernie Cushing of Florida State University

1957 Jack Gillrup of Jacksonville University